If you’re a startup or a growing company with a minimum of 30 employees and maximum of 500, you want actionable data on your platform’s users — data you can count on to drive smart decisions. Having the right data consultant can mean success or failure in converting users to sales. Tale About Data offers workshops and consulting services designed to help startups and other growing companies obtain actionable data and put that data into context.

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We offer a unique set of workshops, designed specifically for startups and other growing companies with data challenges. Our workshops are held as online webinars, each three to four hours long. Advance registration [link to Workshops] is required. If you prefer, we can conduct our workshops on-site at your location; contact us [link] to discuss.

Our workshops cover a variety of topics:

  • Discovery workshop: Find your measures and dimensions, and define your end users tables
  • Actionable Reports: Design an actionable data report that drives smart, efficient decisions
  • Campaign Budget and Bidding Automation: Optimize marketing campaigns, How to design your marketing automation budget and bidding tool
  • Data Infrastructure: Build the right, scalable data infrastructure to meet your needs
  • Revenue/Goal-Conversion Forecasting: Incorporate concepts like predictive modeling, indexes, customer lifetime value (CLV), and retention into your marketing strategies/campaigns
  • Becoming a Challenger: What does automation mean for your organization this year, what should you adapt to become better
  • Reporting Tools: Choose the right data-reporting tool for your needs


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Build a smart KPI strategy

You can track everything, but you can’t use it all. Defining your goals, questions, and expectations will help you build a smart KPI strategy: What is essential for decision-making, and what is just “nice to have”? Align your KPIs from top to bottom to create a success story for your company.

Create a one-stop-shop dashboard

Creating a one-stop-shop dashboard will allow you to focus your time on making decisions. You won’t waste time on data aggregation or Excel spreadsheets anymore; you’ll be able to see all your data in one place, on a single dashboard.

Know your return on investment (ROI)

Knowing your return on investment can take you the extra mile to success. You’ll stop being blind to this key measure, and know exactly how much you’re getting back for each dollar/euro you spend. You’ll be able to forecast your revenue and evaluate your investment.

Ensure daily data drops (ETL)

Say goodbye to waiting for your partners to send you data. Building the right data infrastructure ensures that you’ll get the data you need, on time every morning — so you can start your day by making decisions, not waiting for data to arrive.

Automate your performance optimization

Discover the magic of an automated performance-optimization tool. Let’s face it, optimization without automation is not easy: The more campaigns you run, the more campaign managers you need. With an automated optimization tool, you can keep scaling up without needing to hire more people.

Construct a data warehouse that meets your needs

Organized and structured data is the key to easy decision-making. Transform your raw data into tables of aggregated data that drive smart, efficient decisions. No need to have data imported into Excel; you’ll already have it all in one place.

Build the right data infrastructure

You can spend hours every day poring over data, but the difference between a success story and a failure lies in your data infrastructure. Success starts with a state-of-the-art, scalable infrastructure that’s lean and agile, enabling you to find the right data when you need it and making decision-making easier. The biggest challenge facing marketers is to optimize campaigns in the right way. You can have a perfect product with a great design, but without a wise strategy for your marketing budget, you won’t be able to scale up your campaigns.

Automate your creative creation

You won't be any more limited by the manual process of your creatives designer, by automating your creatives, you're freeing your graphic designer time to focus more on new concepts and allowing the computer to create, upload and test creatives to drive you the best results for your business.

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In the past years we have spoken at many events. Here are some selected speeches that can demonstrate our skills and expertise.

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