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  • My BI team is too slow
  • I have too much marketing data
  • I wait ages for my data, and when it arrives it’s wrong
  • I don’t know how to visualize my data
  • I don’t have a dedeicated engineer in my team
  • I still use Excel as my main reporting and analysis tool

If you find one of this issues familiar, we have the solution for you, our Mobile Apis Product solution will allow you almost immediately collect the data from your most important partners. We worked hard on ensuring the service will be easy to use and focused on your needs as a marketer and data consumer.

Never again think about code or get into stress when your data is missing or incorrect WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE IT!

We developed a tool from marketign people for marketing people to unleash the power of data across the team in fast and easy way, with zero engineers and maximum effect.

What APIs are included in our mobile marketing API package?

Marketing Ad partners

Google Search
Google UAC
Google Display
Apple search

Attribution tool partners

Google Analytics
Google Firebase
What do you get?
  • The total process will take you less then a week, comparing to a six month work of an average BI team.
  • We will maintain all the APIs, so you never need to worry about updating any code.
  • We will help you design your thinking with our online data discovery workshop that will take your report vision into visualization.
  • We will setup a great reporting system for you – Tableau, and help you get your data easily into it.
  • We will QA your data and ensure you are on track, in case we find an issue we will notify you by email, so you and your team will know about the issue
  • We give you the flexability with your data to drive decisions and be more actionable about your data.
  • AWS setup is on us, we will make sure you have your server running in no time.
  • With the solution you will be able to save almost 90% of your BI costs.
What do you need to know?
  • You need to create an IAM account on AWS
  • The server billing is on you
  • Support is by email
  • Subscription and registration may take up to 72 hours

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