Marketing Data

Data Discovery Workshop

After the data discovery workshop, you will have a full list of all your measures and dimensions that are required for your team decision-making process.

During the workshop, we will map out all the dimensions and measures you have, identify the source of the data, and categorize it into three main categories.

  • Must have – Three must have events up to three golden events that explain to you in an easy way are you on the right path or not
  • Nice to have – Up to fifteen measures that will help you make your golden events clearer, this will allow your team to dig dipper into the data and drive learnings and actions out of it.
  • Not needed – We think it’s an important measure, however, at this point of the business it does not drive any added value to our decision making.

By booking the data discovery workshop, you will get a better understanding of setting up your aggregated tables, how to map your data and how to define what is a golden event for the organization.

I will share with you the set of tools I have developed in the past few years to help teams better understand their data and simplify their decision-making process.


Type Lesson Title Time
Intro data discovery workshop00:05
Measures and dimensions00:30
How TO: Document the results00:05