Communication Intervals

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communication intervals


Our interval tool will help you find the best time to send out a message to your customer. Never again second guess when to send a push notification or an email, we will make sure it will happen automatically for you.

We believe your communication with your clients can be better, don’t spend more money on ads for converting users or address them in a personalized way.

What do we include?

At the workshop

We arrive at your office
We help you ask the right questions
We define your daily/weekly/monthly analysis routine
We define the measures and dimensions required
We help you discover your data sources
We help you formatting your dashboard
We help you create one true source

After the workshop

We create documentation for the workshop outcome
We support you in finding issues in your design
What do you get?
  • A document you can use to start building your databases
  • A better focus and understanding about your actions and triggers for decisions
  • One true source for your data
What do you need to know?
  • Our focus in the workshop is on Marketing but not only
  • We will contact you within 72 hours to schedule the workshop
  • Traveling and accommodation costs are not included


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