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Marketing automation is not about budget and bidding

Marketing automation can change the game the right way
If your organization spends under $50K a week on advertisement, don’t waste your time on marketing automation.  It’ll cost your organization more money then it’ll save. Instead, work on your data accessibility, data processing, and data visualization. Any investment you make on building infrastructure and using visualization to make decisions… Continue Reading

Senior management and data usage

About us in one word, relaxed in solving issues
If you are a senior management executive, this article is for you. By the end of this article, I hope you’ll be convinced that it’s time to ask or even demand for a change from your head of BI. In the past year, I have spoken with many senior level… Continue Reading

Performance manager, can you challenge?

Performance Manager, challenge yourself
Everyone is worried AI will eventually take our jobs. Worse, people are scared of the robot apocalypse and the end of life as we know it.   But the reality is, this won’t happen today or tomorrow. Something this juristic will take quite a while to take place. On the contrary,… Continue Reading

Go behind CPA Go Return of Investment (ROI)

Return of Investment
Stop focusing on other people’s numbers and start working on your own. We humans are obsessed with comparing numbers. It begins since childhood when we compare ourselves to other babies; “He was born 55cm and the average is 48cm.” It continues as we grow up and kids compare some body… Continue Reading

Own data — Enable your users to consume data easily

Enable your users to own data
“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” This saying was running through my head while I wrote this article. A few months ago, Zalando had a huge change in their organization. Our Marketing intelligence… Continue Reading

2019 is around the corner, and it’s time to prepare the next year’s marketing stack. After my workshop at App Promotion Summit last week, I’m going to show you how to build your marketing automation stack with no engineering required. Lets make the first quarter of 2019 an impactable quarter for your future automation.

Let’s dive in.

1. Prepare your data and set your golden event

Collecting your data in one place helps you better understand what needs to be done. This infrastructure will also be used in later stages to build your marketing automation. Why set a golden event? Because it helps you understand your efforts better. Having one to three golden events will help you prove a concept or ignore it.

Why? Saving data in one place and setting golden events helps you focus on the important things.

2. Start using visualization tool and leave Excel behind

I constantly restate my no Excel policy for a reason. You shouldn’t waste your time on collecting data on a horrible pivot table with vlookup. Instead, use visualization, and base it on your golden event to immediately know what’s not working and be able to fix it.

Why? In later stages, this mindset will help you build your marketing automation stack and easily give the computer control over your decision.

3. Develop a system based on your golden event to change bids

For now, you can use this system locally on your computer on a campaign or adgroup level. Make sure it easily calculates whether you need to increase or decrease the bid and by how much.

Why? Allow yourself to set your mind into the same optimization process your machine will later adopt. Test it on yourself. Prove it’s working, and then apply it on your machine.

4. Start using name conventions that mean something to you

When setting up your campaign, name your campaign in a way where it’s easy to tell what it is. Is it a reach or reattribution campaign? Is it aimed at a specific audience or widely targeting? Is it a test or control campaign? This will help you learn what campaigns work best. Same goes to your creatives. Give them names that easily identify its elements to later break your campaigns into small parts.

Why? It’s all about data. The more metadata you have on your campaign, the more you’ll be able to do with it. Teach yourself what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly.

5. Budget allocation tool

Build a simple tool that tracks your golden events in the last 14-30 days. Evaluate the partner who creates the biggest impact and create a share of your total budget on this channel. When setting up your weekly or monthly budget, base your budget around creating the most impact.

Why? This allows you to make decisions based on performance rather than on feelings.

You can start applying these five simple rules in Q1 of 2019. Still not convinced? Come to my workshop with App Promotion Summit (APS) on February 28, in Berlin. Signup here:  https://apppromotionsummit.com/LIVE/DATA-BERLIN/

Want to have my full marketing stack from the App Promotion Summit? Click on the link below to register and download the PDF. Hang it on your office and use it to set your targets.



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Don't let Excel control your life
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