This is who we are


With 12 years of experience in creating actionable data, for large companies as well as small startups still building their audience and working on becoming the next big thing. We have structured databases and set up automated data-reporting systems for e-commerce platforms, subscription-model companies, and in-app purchasing, we built tools to automate many of the marketing activities and make them become simpler, we lead big changes in the marketing automation fields. Our diverse experience enables us to adapt to your needs and budget, understanding that a focus on growth means you need to act fast. That’s why we’re here! We offer consulting services and software that runs locally on your server to ensure your security and confidentiality, designed specifically for startups and other growing companies facing data challenges, to share our story of success and bring our learnings back to the business world. Sign up for one today, or contact us to discover how we can help you solve your data challenges!

We are passionate about actionable data that provides the answers you need and saves you time. We believe the right visualization tool, automated reporting system, and infrastructure can help you save a lot of the time you’re currently spending on decision-making and understanding data patterns.

We believe that with the right marketing automation approach we can help you save time and improve your process.

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