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Data infrastructure

Everything you need from APIs to table schema and data visualization tools.

Budget and Bidding

Don’t waste money on things that do not work, have a structure in your decision making.

Audience & Traget

When is the best time to target your clients? What is the best medium to do it with? And how to create best segmentation.

Creatives & Campaigns

Manage everything in a semi-automatic system, from building new campaigns, populate them with creative/keywords and get auto designed creatives that work.


Once we assign a token to your user, you will be able to subscribe to each of our services, we have a one-time installation cost for the service and then based on your monthly based payment you can call our software.

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In less then 72 hours we will whitelist your server and you can start using the service

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Where we want to support you?

1. You sell your products via e-commerce, subscriptions, or in-app purchasing

2. You still use Excel as your main data- reporting tool

3. Your data is being hosted by external companies

4. You have difficulties obtaining actionable marketing data due to unstable infrastructure

5. You still looking for the perfect marketing campaign-automation technique

6. You produce thousands of creatives but don’t have an easy way to test them

7. You produce thousands of creatives but don’t have an easy way to test them

8. You still find it difficult to build custom audiences and target them

Common data challenges


Many of us love Excel. It can create reports and pivot tables, calculate new measures, sort large amounts of data, and so much more. Some of us use Excel so much, we don’t trust any data that’s not in a pivot table! But using Excel to prepare and sort your data can be hugely time-consuming, and that means time wasted. A good data-visualization tool can save you lots of time.

Team do not trust marketing automation

Many people I talked to have complained they tried to apply automation in their company but have failed from low trust in the automation process when people lose control over what they used to do they starting to get afraid the outcome will be bad or worst they think they will lose their job, and this is the reason to do automation the right way in small steps.


When was the last time you found an error in your marketing data? Data now comes to us from a dizzying array of sources, trackers applying internal calculations, partners providing aggregated data, and so many more. The result can be a lot of questions about data integrity: Can I trust this number? Is this calculation correct? Why am I missing costs for this campaign, I’m sure it was active yesterday!

These issues are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges faced by startups and other growing companies in obtaining actionable data. Other challenges include data being used in incorrect ways, lack of data automation, unclear data infrastructure, use of the wrong KPIs, and lack of a data warehouse.


All of your calls are happening on your server, the communication to our server is encrypted. Everyone in TaleAboutData signs a strict NDA and goes through confidentiality training. We have invested significant resources in our GDPR compliance and we comply with the Privacy Shield framework.

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