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In today’s world, Marketing actionable data is an essential milestone on the path to success. Data define the era we live in. One of the biggest challenges for e-commerce platforms, subscription-model companies, and in-app purchasing is how to transform the user data you track into an actionable format that drives smart decisions. Having the right data consultant can mean success or failure in converting users to sales. Tale About Data offers workshops and consulting services designed to help startups and other growing companies obtain actionable data and draw the right conclusions from it.

Common data challenges

Which are the most common challenges for companies when it comes to data? Read below to find out!

Over-Reliance on Excel

Many of us love Excel. It can create reports and pivot tables, calculate new measures, sort large amounts of data, and so much more. Some of us use Excel so much, we don’t trust any data that’s not in a pivot table! But using Excel to prepare and sort your data can be hugely time-consuming, and that means time wasted. A good data-visualization tool can save you lots of time.


When was the last time you found an error in your marketing data? Data now comes to us from a dizzying array of sources — trackers applying internal calculations, partners providing aggregated data, and so many more. The result can be a lot of questions about data integrity: Can I trust this number? Is this calculation correct? Why am I missing costs for this campaign — I’m sure it was active yesterday!


In the marketing world, when a decision needs to be made, we use numbers — a lot of numbers, including key performance indicators (KPIs). And when we’re not happy with one set, we may keep requesting more. But overusing KPIs for decision-making can lead to a “rose-colored glasses” effect. Searching for the KPI that puts our company in the best light, even if it’s not the best measure, may lead us to believe we’ve made the right decision — a post-purchase rationalization. You don’t need more numbers from loyal users — you need the right data, like profits.

These issues are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges faced by startups and other growing companies in obtaining actionable data. Other challenges include data being used in incorrect ways, lack of data automation, unclear data infrastructure, use of the wrong KPIs, and lack of a data warehouse.


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